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ENGL Powerball E645

Ultra low end, versatile ROCK/METAL amp. 4 channels lead to where no ENGL amp has gone before. The Sonic Evolution of ENGL sounds, from crystal clean to crispy crunch ñ tight fat rhythm to punchy lead sounds in conjunction with low bottom end to satisfy the needs of the modern guitarist. Rich harmonics and fast attack delivered by special built transformers to cut through on any stage or recording situation.

Make and model ENGL - Powerball (E645)
Power (Watt) 100 W
Type Head
Channels 4
Footswitchable channels Yes
Power lamps 1 x ECC 83, 4 x 6L6GC
Preamp lamps 4 x 12ax7
Effect loop Yes
Effects No
Reverb No
Impedance 4,8,16
Size 71 x 27 x 27
Weight 20


A four-channel, all-tube powered head, the Powerball offers sound-shaping options unrivalled by any other amp. Designed to satisfy the exacting demands of discerning players, it delivers all the tonal hues and colors you need to paint the most vivid musical pictures imaginable. Housed inside this newly designed enclosure is a powerhouse 100-watt amp boasting 6L6GC tubes. It delivers the sonic goods you need to dial in everything from contemporary ultra-high gain lead tone to crystal-clear clean and punchy crunch sounds. An astonishing amount of gain reserves, remarkable tonal versatility, and bone-rattling bottom end have crowned the Powerball king of the heap among modern-day guitar amps.

Courtesy of its ability to crank out tight, focused low end, glossy top end and jaw-dropping sound pressure levels, this amp provides the contemporary guitarist with richly detailed tone and the kind of cut-thru-the-din assertiveness that sets standards for amps of this class. And in keeping with the ENGL tradition of engineering excellence, it sports a host of hip features: a second master volume, electronic power amp monitoring, an adjustable FX loop, and a Depth Punch knob that shapes the power amp’s response by beefing up the low end. But that’s not the last word on this ENGL head’s innovative features: You also get two different sound voicings, Open and Focused. We created these voicings to extend the range of lead sounds you have at your disposal by tweaking mid-range response to suit different playing styles and applications.

There are few more handy features to rave about: The amp ships with a Z-5 Custom Footswitch Port. Designed to take the ENGL Z-5 footswitch that lets you control all key sound-shaping functions remotely. ENGL added another new audiophile wrinkle – an adjustable noise gate for the Lead channel. Old world craftsmanship and highest quality components are part of what makes ENGL amps so special, and the Powerball is no exception. On that note, please read and heed the guidelines on handling all-tube amps. You’ll find them on the last page of this manual. The ENGL team is convinced that this amp will delight and inspire you. The Powerball will rock your world!

Powerball 100W Guitar Amp Head

  • Preamp: 4 channels: Clean, Crunch, Low Gain Lead, High Gain Lead, 2 Bright/Bottom switches, Extra Crunch Treble control, 2 EQs, each 4 band, one for channel 1/2, one for channel. Volume controls for each channel, 4 x ECC83 preamp tubes
  • Master Section: 100W (1 x ECC 83, 4 x 6L6GC power amp tubes), Master A/B, Presence, Depth Punch controls
  • Outputs: Integrated Noise Gate for high gain channels, threshold control, fx loop control (parallel to serial), 2 x Z-4 or Custom Z-5 footswitch ports, Speaker Outs (2 x 4, 2 x 8, 1 x 16 Ohms)
  • Dimensions: 71 x 27 x 27 cm
  • Weight: 20 kg; 44.1 lb


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