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Marshall JCM2000 DSL

Since I started Marshall Amplification in 1962 I have witnessed some incredible breakthroughs and advances in amplifier design technology, such as master volume amps, switchable channels, reverb, MIDI technology, speaker emulation and digital effects processing, to name just a few. These may seem like every day features nowadays but this certainly wasn’t always the case. However, the same values that were present in the first Marshalls are still here today. That is, solid workmanship, reliability, stylish looks and above all great Marshall tone. (Jim Marshall)

Make and model Marshall - JCM2000
Power (Watt) 100 W
Type Head
Channels 2
Footswitchable channels Yes
Power lamps 4 x EL34
Preamp lamps 4 x 12AX7
Rectifier Solid
Effect loop Yes
Effects No
Reverb Yes
Impedance 4/8/16

JCM 2000 Introduction

The Marshall 1959 Super Lead Plexihead and the JCM 800 Master Volume 2203 are recognised the world over as benchmarks in tone, feel, musical power and sheer size of sound. Imagine then, an amp which is like two footswitchable 1959 Super Leads in one, with the addition of reverb plus extra gain to take you into 2203 territory and beyond. If thissounds like a dream, it is no longer – now that the JCM 2000 Dual Super Lead range is here.
The 100 Watt DSL 100 and 50 Watt DSL 50 Dual Super Lead heads feature two footswitchable channels, Classic Gain /Channel A and Ultra Gain / Channel B. As the names imply, each channel has a very different character, with Classic Gain/ Channel A taking you from a clean to crunch 1959 and then, via a mode switch, up to a 2203 style brute. Ultra Gain /Channel B takes you from a hot rodded 2203, via a mode switch, to a higher gain response with the addition of mid-boost.
Each channel also has its own individual Reverb level. The amps also feature a Deep Switch and Tone Shift which are common to both channels. The Deep Switch adds a resonant bass boost to your sound without muddying it up, while the Tone Shift selector shifts out the mid frequencies making the amp ideal for brutal metal tones, especially when combined with high gain settings. Their all round versatility and sheer size of sound make the DSL 100 and DSL 50 superb performance tools for today’s most demanding playing situations and you can rest assured they are packed full of the famed Marshall TONE.


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