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Marshall JCM800 4010 1×12 combo

JCM800 defines the hard rock and heavy metal genres of music in the 1980s. Performers such as Slash of Guns ‘N Roses, the Youngs of AC/DC, and Zakk Wylde created their signature sounds through these amplifiers. The JCM-800 Series is known for having a very warm distorted sound, and while many traditionalists were turned off by the sound that the 6550 power tubes put out, it really paved the way for Marshall’s future with rock and metal performers.

Make and model Marshall - JCM800 (4010)
Power (Watt) 50 W
Type Combo
Channels 1
Power lamps 2 x EL34/6550
Preamp lamps 3 x 12AX7
Rectifier Solid
Effect loop No
Effects No
Reverb No
Impedance 4/8/16


Part from the sleek new J.C.M. 800 styling, which places the controls on the full width fascia panel, offering much improved use and vision, there have been other important developments. By using newly developed loudspeakers, these Combos have been given a new depth of sound, without losing the smooth overload characteristics of the previous model. Also, treble and presence controls have been redesigned to give greater swing and less interaction with the rest of the tone network.

The Combos feature the original Marshall Master Volume circuitry, to enable the musician to reproduce the classic valve overdrive sound at any volume level. By varying the preamp volume and master volume controls, the output can be varied from a clean crisp sound to a rich overdrive sound. Exactly as model 2104 featured two inputs of different gain, so too with the new 4010 and 4104, both these channels mix into the newly modified tone circuitry of treble, middle and bass. Model 4010 features a single 65 watt high sensitivity speaker; and model 4104, though only slightly larger; has two of the same units to give greater projection of sound where required.

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