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Marshall JCM900 2500
Make and model Marshall - JCM900 (2500)
Power (Watt) 100 W
Type Head
Channels 2
Footswitchable channels No
Power lamps 2x5881 (UK), 2x EL34 (USA)
Preamp lamps 4x ECC83
Rectifier Tube
Tube type
Effect loop Yes
Effects Yes
Reverb Yes

Marshall JCM900 2500 head

Mine was made in June 1995, and the only problems are slightly scratchy pots, but its easy to fix. I mainly use the amp for grindcore rehearsals, and I recently used it at a gig. The amp has just one channel, but it has a very wide range of tones available – albeit not on the fly. The back features the usual things: effect loop, recording out (havent tried), two cabinet outputs, a switch to change between 16 ohm (4 ohm) and 8 ohm settings. The front has all normal EQ settings plus two volume controls and two gain controls. The gain controls function in an interesting way that allows you to really fine tune the gain.

Some people may have missed how it works and come out thinking why cant I get enough gain out of this?. Well, if you want all the distortion you can out of the amp, you gotta turn the first gain knob to 10 and then turn the second gain knob even further in its range of 10 – 20. Then you will have more than enough gain for grindcore and death metal (think Carcass). For my needs, this amp has all I need. Its not too noisy even with a boost pedal (Digitech Bad Monkey) and it really becomes articulate with the boost. Not like a different amp, but you really hear the difference in a good way. Oh, and mine is the European version with EL34 tubes. The American version of the amp uses 5881 tubes and Ive heard many people say the EL34 version is superior in sound. But I understand you can also easily mod the amp to use EL34, so no problem for people across the pond.

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