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Mesa Boogie Mark IIB

In 1980, Mesa introduced the Mark IIB, which had an effects loop, an expanded control panel that included Lead Drive and Lead Master controls, and their famous optional Simul-Class system.

Make and model Mesa Boogie - Mark (IIB)
Power (Watt) 100 W
Type Combo
Channels 2
Footswitchable channels Yes
Power lamps 4 x 6L6GC
Preamp lamps 5 x 12AX7
Rectifier Solid
Effect loop Yes
Effects Yes
Reverb Yes
Impedance 4/8/16


Other Specifications

  • Available as Head or 1×12 Combo
  • 60/100 Watt (simul class or non simulclass option)
  • Rhytm / Lead Channels
  • Footswitch Gain Boost / Reverb
  • Footswitch Rhytm / Lead
  • EVM 12L Speaker
  • Effects loop
  • Pre Amp / Amp Junction Out
  • Slave out

Mark IIB:  basically is the introduction of the Simul class system which you see prevalent in the later editions of the mark series amplifiers. This basically allows the power section to run two different types of wattage if you will. So allows a few this seems to generate 75 W power while the other one runs in the class a form of 15 W of power. Like most of the other mark series amplifiers you had a similar EQ control knob front panel. This panel consists of a volume control knobs, treble, bass, middle, Master, lead Drive, and another master.

In addition you also have a switch for the bright tones of the volume, and you also have a pull shift on the treble control knob as well. There’s also a pull bright switch on the other master volume as well. This amplifier was definitely a stretch in the right direction but it didn’t quite match the tone and the desire that Mark ll C+ amplifiers had. And even still in my opinion which is that the mark lll amplifier was the best one out of all the mark series. Still though this is a great sounding amplifier I can give you a solid tone and they’re pretty fun to play as well.

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