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Soldano Astroverb

A compact, 20-watt combo with tone only Soldano can deliver!

Make and model Soldano - Astroverb
Power (Watt) 20 W
Type Combo
Channels 1
Power lamps 2 x EL84
Preamp lamps 5 x 12AX7
Rectifier Solid
Effect loop Yes
Effects No
Reverb Yes
Impedance 4/8/16
Size 44.4 x 44.4 x 25.4
Weight 17.2


The ASTROVERB 16 Head offers the same super-dynamic, single channel soulful crunch of the ASTROVERB 16 Combo-series amps, but with added flexibility: you power any speaker cabinet you want!

Two EL84 power tubes provide the power. The ASTROVERB 16 enjoys a far greater range of gain than most amps in its class. Tonal character – ranging from glassy clean, to gritty edge, to modern high-gain grind, are easily attained using the Preamp gain and Volume controls. Don’t let its diminutive size fool you, the ASTROVERB 16 is a pint-sized powerhouse with a big, big sound.

The ASTROVERB 16 controls include Preamp, Reverb, Bass, Middle, Treble, Volume and Presence. Two speaker jacks are provided for hook up with any total combined speaker load from 4 to 16 ohms. Trust us when we say that an ASTROVERB 16 plugged into a 4×12 cabinet is an amazing playing experience! As with all SOLDANO amps that feature reverb, the ASTROVERB 16 1×12 COMBO gets its twang from a tube driven spring reverb.

The Astroverb 16 Head is shown here with our optional 1×12 Speaker Cabinet.

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