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Single Ended lead (SEL)

The SEL is like a juiced up rock and roll amp from the 80’s… only smaller. Like a Hi-Octane but with more power. Like a P1-eXtreme, but meaner. This is a good choice for someone who wants more distortion and has built an amp or two before.

This was my first guitar amp project. I’m not an Electrical Engineer, so I didn’t know how guitar amplifiers really works. This amp was made totally by the layout, which I got from the http://www.ax84.com site. All issues which I have, I solved with the help of the friendly people on the ax84 forum.

This is a great project for beginers, who would like to build their first guitar amplifier. And this amp sound great, I use it for my practice amp, and also as a backup amp.

Single Ended Lead Features

  • Hi-Gain 12ax7 Preamp (2 x 12AX7 Tubes)
  • KT88/KT77/KT66/EL34/6L6/6V6 Power Tube in Class-A Single Ended Configuration provides a range of output wattage selections.
  • Cathode-follower driven Bass, Mid and Treble tone controls allow you to shape your sound. Alter the values of the components in the tone stack to tailor your sound.

Single Ended Lead


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