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Do It Yourself

Music man sub 1 tranformation

Making Music Man sub1 guitar best as possible 🙂

Making pedal board

Making my pedalboard

JTM45 Master Volume mod (PPIMV)

Master Volume Mod it can be done on JTM45, JTM50, 1987 Lead, JCM800 2204A(50W), JCM800 2203A(100W), TW Express, & 5E3 amplifiers.

Marshall JCM800 Footswitchable Solo Boost

When I had a band, I have a problem, because I didn’t have the second channel on my JCM 800, to boost my solos. We were playing 80’s metal, so gain on my Marshall was on 10, and I couldn’t get through the mix with pedals. Then I find a great solution…

Soldano SLO 100 Clone

“Soldano” SLO 100 clone building process.

Single Ended lead (SEL)

The SEL is like a juiced up rock and roll amp from the 80’s… only smaller. Like a Hi-Octane but with more power. Like a P1-eXtreme, but meaner. This is a good choice for someone who wants more distortion and has built an amp or two before.

DIY – Plexi Lead 50

I made clone of the Marshall Plexi 1987 Lead. This amp is based on Ceriatone layout. The idea behind this amp is to make everything, or as much as you can yourself… It is my second amp build, so it was a little bit messy…

Amp Specs
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