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Rob Buck
Women hate everything which strips off the tinsel of sentiment, and they are right, or it would rob them of their weapons.


  • 10000 Maniacs
Robert N. "Rob" Buck was a founding member and guitarist of 10,000 Maniacs from 1981 until his death from liver disease in 2000.

Buck also played in the short-lived Texas-based superstar-band League of Blind Women, writing much of the band’s material. In addition he had also formed the group HITCHHIKER who were featured on Rykodisc release Kerouac: Kicks Joy Darkness performing one of Kerouac poems set to music. In 2000, while on tour in upstate New York, he was rushed to the hospital when it was discovered he was suffering from acute liver disease. He was transferred to the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center for treatment where his condition soon worsened despite the efforts of the leading transplant teams at the facility.

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