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Soldano SLO100 Chassis (Beta)

SLO 100 chassis

Our first project was a SLO 100 chassis according to the original drawings, mostly due to the large community on this forum. As of now, we are nearly finished testing our beta batch of pre-drilled SLO 100 chassis. This beta stage went very well, but there is a catch. There are some minor quirks, which will be addressed in the final design, but at the moment we need some funds to continue our development. This is the reason for selling these beta stage chassis. I have attached some pictures of the product, which is an 1mm thick steel construction with welded corners and machined holes. The chassis dimensions are approximately 558mm x 192mm x 64mm. The following are pictures of the actual chassis. For each picture, I have addressed issues if they are present.


Figure 1. Front of the chassis. The major quirk of the chassis is that the front holes are not vertically centred. They are a couple of mm too high. Also the pot holes are too small. Suggestions for diameter sizes are welcome.


Figure 2. Front and inside are visible. The offset of the front holes is not that visible, but it is certainly there. Also the mounting mechanism for the head shell can be seen.



Figure 3. This is the top of the chassis and some production related marks are visible. Please keep in mind that the chassis should be painted before use.



Figure 4. Back side of the chassis. These holes are vertically centred and include holes for bias points.



I hope all of you enjoyed these pictures and if you have feedback, either positive or negative, please let us know what you think of the beta stage so we can make adjustments before the final release.


If you are interested and want to buy a beta chassis, which will be cheaper than the final one, please send me a personal message. In total we have nine chassis available. The chassis are located in Slovenia and we currently ask 40 euros per chassis without shipping. Shipping within Europe is an additional 15 euros. For shipping outside Europe, please contact me personally. A website with more pictures will be online in the future.

Interested in the final design?

If you are interested in the final design, please send me a personal message and I will put you on the interest list. Also, visit this thread regularly for updates.


To order chassis fill the form bellow

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